Roberta Gubitosi for “Back to Light” (2011)

Formed in the study of his painter father, Carla Erizzo shows particular sensitivity to color, visible in the Venetian atmosphere immersed in a vibrant light. Since the first works, the artist’s research focuses on the analysis of light as pure, disassembled and reassembled, reaching almost abstract outcomes. Beams of light, sudden flashes break and shape the space that expands like a fluid matter, beyond the two-dimensionality of the support. The strokes of the spatula are moving very fast, creating vibrations of light, which make visible the forms and simultaneously appear to absorb increases as their intensity.

Significant in this regard are the series of paintings that mark the artist’s artistic career: My Venezie, sensations of water, of light and reality, parallel paths. Inevitable is to note the references to tonal painting and Venetian culture matrix Impressionist, especially in careful recording and in the decomposition of the changing effects of light. According to the laws of visual perception, the light itself is invisible and is propagated through space in every direction making things visible. For these reasons, the light has often been thought of as an entity in opposition to matter, solid bodies, standing in the way that the direction of its rays, they are illuminated.

The latest works of Carla Erizzo represent a new and evocative reflection on the relationship between light and matter. In the pictorial research of the artist, it captures the intent to materialize in the color of the light in such a way as to make the latter fluid entity with its own structural function. If you look at the work inside with bottles, light is a visible, with its own physicality and corporeality. Flow almost at full intensity, the light thickens, becoming the material that builds the forms and space. The objects, bottles, they seem evanescent, shrouded in the “luminous matter”.

Presence in the masses break space as bright and sharp edges outline the architecture of a figure immersed in a fluctuating and intangible.
The light moves away from the contingency of natural fact, and becomes applicable to structural work: the space that is defined visual distorts reality, to evoke another dimension, sometimes almost mystical symbol of an inner reality.

The works of Carla Erizzo show the consistency of his research, able to free the eye from the habits of perception and innovate processes acquired. In lyrical balance between figurative and non figurative, show an intimate and emotional reality whose boundaries are increasingly difficult to perceive and control; the artist can only grasp some fragments In the practice of the creative process.
For Carla Erizzo action is not designed nor rash: is accomplished through a gradual accumulation of experience and refinement in the course of doing. Significant in this regard are the words of Mark Rothko: “The paintings are to be miracles. The completion marks the end of intimacy between creation and creator. The artist if he finds out”. It’s simple and perfect description of a creative process where the artist is one with the canvas and only the conclusion the work becomes an autonomous reality, ready to emerge as a revelation to the user open to infinite interpretations.

Roberta Gubitosi