Piera Piazza for “Sensazioni d’Acqua” (from “Il Gazzettino Illustrato”) 2001

Sensazioni d’acqua

The Venetian painter Carla Erizzo, daughter of art, while being an artist of many talents, however, proves to have been able to achieve a personal style and well-defined connotation, especially in the ascendancy of abstract works.
The path of Erizzo has been inspired by a clear depiction of typical Venetian school. The painter has in fact reproduced the works of the masters painters while introducing subjective elements and not present in the original paintings.
He learned the technique of color and composition at the studio of his father, the famous Venetian master, soon showed a remarkable ability to sign and design and a great skill in the rendering of light and landscape composition as a whole.
Here is reproduced and proposed the famous views of the Grand Canal and Venetian canals, full of boats, historic, and people intent on fishing to hunting in the lagoon. Here are the buildings overlooking the Channel, patiently painted to the finest details, here is the double-and triple lancet windows of the churches and all the airiness and lightness of Venetian Gothic.
But it is in abstract paintings, as I said before, that the Erizzo expresses herself through.
The dominant theme is that of water, something to which the artist is very close, being born and having lived in Venice, a city of water.
The ancient craft here become the great sails blowing in the wind, in a geometric decomposition of the image that could remind the Cubist lesson.
The large colored occupied zone and put together, create bold massing and pronounced penumbra effects.
The tones used are rather bright, as if to emphasize the movement that characterizes the subjects of these paintings.
The wind, water, everything explodes in their vivid palette of colors, expressing joy and merriment, fantasy and stylistic research.
Carla Erizzo is a young artist, but already well established in the local cultural landscape and in the overseas market.
It’s a new Venetian promise.

Piera Piazza – November 2001